Swap Spreadsheets For Software With Digital Asset Tracking

Gain real-time transparency to easily locate, repair, and maintain your inventory for reduced downtime and increased efficiency.


Asset trackingOperational efficiencies are the keys to success for business owners in the lawn and landscape sector. Without the ability to track the condition and availability of your equipment at any given time, your work may fall short. And when that equipment is managed with a low-tech tool like a spreadsheet, or a page out of a spiral notebook, the margin for error can be enormous.

A digital asset tracking solution is the answer to gaining real-time transparency into your business’s property and equipment so you can easily locate, repair, and maintain your inventory. With a reliable and accurate tracking system, you can reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and allow customer retention and satisfaction to soar.

Here’s a look at the three main reasons why these solutions are major game changers to help manage and grow your business.

REASON #1: It’s Past Time To Lose The Stray Spreadsheet

Too often business owners trust spreadsheets and notebooks to inventory, track, and record their assets; document project timelines; and configure schedules. These documents are commonly lost in the shuffle of a business move, misplaced in a crowded office or from a staffing change, or become woefully obsolete because the information isn’t updated regularly or filled out properly. Moving to a digital solution minimizes these risks and safeguards your important business intel.

 REASON #2: Digital Does It All

Asset management and tracking software is no longer a nice-to-have solution. As your business grows and evolves, it’s essential to have the most accurate data on equipment, assets, projects, and employees in one central place so the right people have access to the right information at the right time. You also need a way to manage work orders, prioritize maintenance needs, and generate reports—and you’ll likely need to be able to customize the solution to fit your unique business requirements.

The right asset tracking software can achieve all these business needs—and more. But how? Here are ten ways in which this type of software can potentially enhance your business and operational productivity:

  • Real-time Tracking: Get a comprehensive view of your assets with the ability to track the status, location, and condition of your equipment in real time.
  • Improved Budgeting: Avoid overspending on duplicate or extra orders by quickly referencing your real-time asset inventory before making any purchases.
  • Work Orders and Audits: Build and assign custom work orders to keep your employees on task for multiple jobs simultaneously. Conduct routine audits directly in the platform to ensure your equipment data stays up to date.
  • Better Equipment Longevity: Streamline preventative maintenance needs so equipment can stay functional longer with better results.
  • Mobile App Access: Manage assets, request repairs, and conduct audits from anywhere with an easy-to-use mobile app. Create, print, and scan unique barcode labels to further boost efficiency with built-in barcode technology.
  • One-Stop Shop for Information: Centralizing all your equipment data in one location enables employees and managers alike to find the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: With real-time access to asset data, employees can get the equipment they need to complete a job efficiently, leading to both employee and customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat business.
  • Custom Notifications: Whether you want to know if an item has been checked out for a job or sent for repair, keep tabs on any and all changes with customized notifications.
  • Job Training and Compliance: Track your employees’ job training progress and upload relevant training materials for them to revisit at any time. Add equipment manuals to your asset records to maintain compliance when using and servicing items.
  • Business Growth: Leverage robust reporting and dashboards to analyze specific jobs in terms of hours worked, equipment used, and services provided to pinpoint efficiencies and repeatable processes.

REASON #3: Landscaping Businesses Stay on Track by Keeping Track

If you’re in the business to grow your business, then proper asset management is critical to delivering the best service possible. Lawn and landscaping business owners are responsible for managing many different types of equipment in various operational conditions. Leveraging a digital solution that can be customized to track what you need, when you need it, not only empowers your team. Asset tracking solutions give you greater control of your operations both in the field and the office, so you can increase efficiency, enhance accountability, and reduce potential downtime.

Kurzius is the Founder/CEO of Asset Panda, a cloud-based asset management and tracking platform. An award-winning entrepreneur, his sight is set on ensuring that Asset Panda dominates the SaaS sector, helping the world’s organizations efficiently manage their assets. Learn more about Asset Panda’s award-winning asset management platform.


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