You’ve read the stats and hopefully you are sharing them with your clients and your sales prospects: A well-maintained landscape can increase a property’s value by 12 percent.

With spring around the corner, now’s the time to tell your audience about how their improved curb appeal can help sell their home. Realtors will tell you that spring is the best time to put a home on the market. According to a study by Virginia Tech, many landscape contractors don’t share how hiring them improves a homeowner’s property—especially when the house is on the market. Yet, you can change that statistic by reaching out to prospects and clients with your blogs.

Great blog ideas to sell your works’ “property value” proposition:

  • Why You Need a Pro to Transform Your Property: Explain why a professional can help a homeowner design, build and install landscape plants and hardscapes to give life to a home’s exterior. Tell your readers that you get your stock from XYZ nursery in your local area. Also, explain how you prune deciduous trees, shrubbery and ornamentals to make their property look well maintained. Again, remind them of their return on investment when they put their home on the market.
  • Improve Your Property Value with Curb Appeal: In this blog, you can use the statistics from Virginia Tech’s survey to convince readers that curb appeal can increase their price by 12 percent. Better yet, interview a local realtor or two to get real time examples of increased property values and curb appeal in the local area. Make sure you add your contact information at the end of your blog.
  • How We Changed This Home’s (include city and state) Front Yard: Case studies are a great way to tell your company’s story from the standpoint of solving a homeowner’s problem. Use pictures with your blog to show how your company transformed a property. For example, explain what the homeowner wanted or needed, how you solved that problem and what challenges you encountered. Use your challenges to showcase how you managed them—especially if they highlight you as a landscape contractor.
  • How We Improved this Property’s Drainage Problems: If you fix drainage problems, this is a good way to showcase this. Again, you’ll need pictures and a story about what havoc the drainage problems were causing the home owner, how you solved the problem and how your solutions improved the property’s value.
  • See How This Patio Extended This Backyard’s Beauty: Don’t forget to talk about hardscapes, especially patios. Not everyone will want to buy a home with a full outdoor kitchen, however, a renovated patio is a totally different story. Again, consider interviewing a realtor from your area to get real world facts to include in your blog.

Granted, some of these ideas may require an outside marketing pro to get the type of depth that you need for a well-researched blog. However, you can start small. Remember this is all about homeowners interested in improving their homes’ curb appeal. Focus on that and your blogs should bring more people to your website, providing you a great opportunity to turn them into happy clients.