In response to an article on titled, “3 Tips To Get You Started On Instagram,” Chad Diller, marketing coordinator at Tomlinson Bomberger, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had some additional thoughts to share.

The story talked about three key tips to using Instagram as a landscape business.

  • Put personality into your bio and include a link to an interesting landing page.
  • Find popular hashtags that relate to your business and use them with your photo captions.
  • Content! Post photos of your team in action, your jobs, your community service and invite clients to post photos of work you’ve done for them and have them tag you.

Diller’s response on Turf’s Facebook page: “After being very active on other networks, I ramped up our Instagram efforts for our company. Check us out at I’m on the fence right now with Instagram. I don’t see millennials as a good target for our services yet because most of them are buried in college debt, renting or trying to do all they can themselves. But I’m not giving up on Instagram yet. I’ll give it a good try for a year and see how it works. I try to use local town names for hashtags as well as #lancasterpa to see if that gets some follow-up. I really wish they would let links be in posts. It would be a good way to put a teaser image out for a blog post. That’s the link in our profile—our company blog.”