The EMBSX: A New Roll Under Mower Sharpener



Noracore has introduced the EMBSX, the first portable air powered mower sharpener that doesn’t require bade removal to the turf industry. The EMBSX slides under any mower deck and sharpens blades in minutes without the need to jack up the machine or remove the blades. Winner of a Pro Tool Innovation Award, the EMBSX can save time and money, and is safer, when compared to traditional mower sharpeners. (Noracore says their typical customer saves $260 and six and a half hours of labor each month.) Features include:

  • A heavy duty chassis is built from heavy 14 gauge steel and is adjustable to two heights to allow use on any mower.
  • A high speed tungsten carbide bit turns at over 13,000 RP, and speed is easily adjusted by a fingertip variable speed control.
  • An adjustable grinding angle ranges from 30 to 45 degrees to ensure compatibility with most blades.
  • An angled mirror aids in aligning the grinding bit and blade.
  • A built-in 1080p Wifi inspection camera has an adjustable viewing angle and variable LED brightness, while a phone holder on the handle allows hand-free viewing of the camera image.
  • Configurable for both left and right handed users, the EMBSX also folds up for easy carrying and storage.
  • With a patent pending, the EMBSX also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

According to Pro Tool Innovation Award Judges, “Sharpening mower blades is a pain, sometimes literally. However, the Noracore EMBSX Easy Mower Blade Sharpener can save you a ton of time and frustration. Using air to power what is essentially a die grinder at the end and your smartphone as a screen for the camera, you can roll the EMBSX across your blades to sharpen them without having to kneel down or crawl underneath. Since you can adjust the angle of the grinder, it doesn’t matter which blade you like to use.”

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