The Grounds Guys Partners with New Vision to Bring Light to Haitian Village


WACO, Texas  – The Grounds Guys LLC, a subsidiary of The Dwyer Group, Inc., has partnered with New Vision Renewable Energy and Mission Waco Mission world to bring light a small Haitian village.

At the end of January, the Light Haiti” project will finally come to fruition by bringing more than 800 solar-powered lights to the remote community of Ferrier Nord Est, located in an impoverished section of Haiti. The lights will provide clean, sustainable light sources to enhance and improve the lives of local families.

For many families living in the village, this will be the first time they have had a source of electricity. No one in the village currently has ongoing electricity and kerosene fuel and candles are expensive and toxic to their health. The families of Ferrier Nord Est will earn a solar light by working together to complete 60 hours of community service. Students and their families and friends will gather together to create a healthier community and will become empowered to create a brighter future for themselves.

The Haitian community will also learn how to assemble, repair and maintain the solar lights and the solar-powered battery will allow them to charge cellphones or small electronic devices.

The Dwyer Group associates helped to assemble nearly 400 hundred of the 800 lights during Founder’s Day, a day that celebrates the company founder, Don Dwyer Sr. Light Haiti is one of many projects Mission Waco Mission World has supported. They have been working with the Ferrier Nord Est since 1984 and save since helped to establish clean water systems, health and hygiene education, school sponsorships and orphan funds, as well as various other projects.

In addition to a mission trip to Ferrier, a donation drive will be held to help raise funds for the outreach effort. The goal is to provide the solar lights to villagers as well as the training required to sustain a healthier, brighter future.

For more information about “Light Haiti” initiative, visit To donate to the “Light Haiti” project general fund, click here.