AMHERST, Mass. – The 2014 edition of UMass Extension’s Professional Guide for IPM in Turf for Massachusetts is available now in a new electronic, web-based format. The guide is intended for use by professionals as a tool in the management of all types of turf: from roadsides and utility areas, to lawns, to fine playing surfaces.

The freshly revised 2014 edition features the latest techniques critical to environmentally responsible, integrated management of turf pests. The guide contains research-based strategies for turfgrass selection, as well as comprehensive pest management guidelines and pesticide regulation compliance information. Alternative and cultural pest control options are highlighted, and advice on pesticide use is based on minimal impact to non-target organisms, natural resources and human health.

While some aspects of discussions such as turfgrass selection, timing of management practices and pesticide regulations are specific to Massachusetts, much of the material presented is pertinent to the management of cool-season grasses throughout the Northeast and beyond.

Some of the updated, distinctive pieces of information you will find innthe 2014 Professional Guide include:

* latest recommended turfgrass cultivars for MA, based on NTEP data

* cultural management approaches for turf diseases

* revised fungicide listings with resistance management tools

* biological management of turf damaging insects

* efficacy, residual, and optimal timing for turf insecticides

* monitoring and management of turf weeds

* detailed herbicide profile listings

* turf pest damage & cultural practice timing calendars

* updated MA pesticide regulation compliance information

Visit to access the guide right now!