It is becoming apparent with today’s consumer buying behaviors that social media plays a dominating role not only increasing local brand awareness through a Google search, but it can also aid in the buying process, tilting it in your favor by showcasing your work and positive customer feedback.

Often, however, it is harder to actually track incoming leads and see what social media is actually bringing in for sales as opposed to helping boost brand awareness and credibility.  So, here are three social media tactics you can use to pinpoint leads from start to finish using social media today.

  1. Facebook Advertising: There is still massive opportunity to use Facebook ads to promote sales/specials, etc. If you run an ad you can pinpoint your target audience who will see the ad within a few miles of your service area, along with other specific demographic targeting. You can have them click on the ad to get a downloadable coupon to spend in your garden center or on your services. Simple, effective and relatively inexpensive.
  2. Strategic Partnerships via LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an amazing opportunity for you to increase your network and form strategic partnerships with others in non-competing industries. Take some time to brand your profile and participate in groups. You will be astounded by not only the knowledge you pick up to better your business, but also the referrals you will get. If you are a landscaper, you can connect to designers, masons, garden centers, builders, interior designers, etc. Not only will you develop some great relationships, you will also easily track referrals.
  3. Blogger Outreach/ Brand Ambassadors with Your Target Audience: Word-of-mouth is the best advertising right? Again, using Twitter and LinkedIn, you have a great opportunity to connect with industry bloggers that can highlight your products, or help to introduce you and your services to your target audience. Many of these bloggers already are trusted resources for your target local demographic. It is the best word-of-mouth around. Consider reaching out to them via Twitter and LinkedIn groups and see if there is a way that they would be willing to interview you or showcase your nursery, hardscaping projects or landscape design. You can also often buy ad space on their blogs and offer discounts to readers, which is easily trackable since they would have to mention it in the initial call to get the discount, or you may have them download a coupon or something to present at the appointment.

What tactics are you using to track your leads generated from social media? We would love to know what is working for you!