The face of advertising and marketing for landscape and lawn care companies is rapidly changing. No longer are you, the business owner, required to invest in a Yellow Pages’ ad in order to bring prospects to your door.

No, instead, you want to lure them to you by providing them with timely, relevant content. Yet, all content is not written. Content can include webinars, YouTube videos, pictograms and podcasts.

Here are four steps that you need to know to organize your social media strategy:

1. Budget: Yes, you need a marketing budget. Not only does a budget help you control the inflow and outflow of money, but it also can help you determine how you want to invest those marketing dollars to start your social media campaign. Spend more money on those forms of marketing that return the most bang for your buck.

2. Purpose: What is the purpose of your social media campaign? It’s a given that you want to entice prospects to rely on you for their landscape and lawn care information. But are you hoping to generate leads through landing pages? To show off one of your landscape projects? Or to position yourself as an expert in lawn care and landscape in your region?

3. Audience: Think of what your audience wants to learn about lawn care and landscaping in your region. Your blogs, podcasts, webinars, and other web content should give them something that they can use. In turn, they learn to trust you and hopefully, convert into paying clients.

4. Consistency: If you commit to increasing your social media presence, you need to be willing to keep it updated on a regular basis-even during your busy times in the spring and summer. I’ve noticed that many lawn care and landscape companies start strong in the year with their blogs until the beginning of April. Then, it’s silence. And they never seem to start again until they resolve over New Year’s Day to restart their blogs. If you start something, such as a blog or a podcast, find a way to consistently upload fresh content or you’ll lose your followers as soon as you stop.

Ultimately, your goal with social media should include all of the above to draw in prospects and convert them to paying customers. Resolve to organize your social media campaign for 2014 and see what your conversion rate is in three months, six months, and one year. Was it worth it?