Why is effective web content important to your green business? Because you want to grow your business, and you know that in today’s world, you need to invest in digital marketing. Digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is simply marketing your business on the Internet, whether that’s through blogs, podcasts, videos, e-newsletters or any other way that you communicate with your audience online.

Here are five suggestions to improve your digital marketing efforts:

1. Always focus on needs and desires – not yours but your customers’ needs and desires . Get into your prospects’ heads. What do they care about? Really care about? That’s what you have to discover, and that’s what you should be directing your messages to.

2. Keep your digital efforts local and make them personal. Direct your digital marketing to those communities and that you serve and that you desire to serve. 

3. Don’t stick with a single social medium. Mix it up a bit. Experiment until you find media that works best for you and your company. Yes, I’m biased toward written content because that’s my passion. But there are podcasts, videos, picture galleries, Facebook, Instagram . . . and I could go on and on. Don’t lean on one type of digital marketing. Use a combination of those that best target your ideal client. For example, you might want to upload videos of customer testimonials, dedicate an e-newsletter article to one of your services, or you might want to promote and share gardening podcasts.

4. Be consistent. Yes, I realize it is spring and you will be outside with your crews and handling a lot of customer calls, instead of tending to your monthly social media chores, such as posting new blog content, recording a new video for your website, or uploading pictures of completed projects. Your prospects won’t trust you if you started a blog in your slow months and all of sudden stopped posting at the end of February.

5. To answer #4, consider outsourcing your marketing chores especially if you’re not comfortable with social media. I strongly believe that lawn care and landscape business owners, who want to succeed, should consider hiring a marketing consultant or agency to lead the way into the digital marketing world.

To take your green business to the next level, you should be thinking about the above five elements to incorporate into your business’s development.

About the author: Wendy Komancheck blogs and writes web content for the lawn care and landscape industries. You can learn more about her at or email her at [email protected]