Washington, D.C. – The American Society of Landscape Architects launched the Landscape Architect’s Guide to Washington, D.C., online, mobile-friendly guide to help visitors and locals discover more than 75 historic, modern and contemporary landscapes in in the region. Expert commentary and more than 800 photos are provided by 20 landscape architects. Check it out at www.asla.org/guide. Nancy Somerville, ASLA executive vice president and CEO, says the guide is the first of its kind devoted to Washington, D.C. 

"The guide will provide the 19 million tourists who visit D.C. annually, along with locals, a fresh perspective on both iconic and brand-new landscapes within the nation’s capital," says Somerville. "D.C.’s vibrant public realm didn’t just magically appear but was carefully designed over the years, and is continually evolving, through interactions among elected leaders, communities and landscape architects."

The guide is divided into 16 distinct tours in all four quadrants of the District-as well as a tour of the new D.C. bicycle network. Each tour covers multiple neighborhoods, and includes a printable walking or biking map.

The guide was created by ASLA in partnership with 20 nationally recognized landscape architects, all of whom are designers of the public realm and leaders in sustainable design. The guides were asked to explain the sites from a landscape architect’s point of view and show how the design of these sites influences how people interact with or even feel about these places.