Envirometrics Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the BugBarrier Tree Band, is now Envirometrics Systems USA, Inc. The new company is headquartered in Victor, N.Y. The previous company, owned by Denis Crane, was located in London, Ontario.
Envirometrics Systems USA, Inc. is owned by Brian, Kathleen and Duane Pancoast. Brian and Duane Pancoast also own The Pancoast Concern, Ltd., a 27-year-old marketing and communications firm that focuses on tree, landscape and lawn care accounts.
In 2003, the fledgling Environmentrics Systems, Inc. retained The Pancoast Concern as its communications firm. A year later, The Pancoast Concern added sales and marketing to its communications management responsibilities, with Brian Pancoast serving as commercial sales manager.
Envirometrics Systems USA President & CEO Brian Pancoast says that his first goal is to expand the current distribution network to make the BugBarrier Tree Band more accessible to those who need it. He says all manufacturing will be moved to the United States by the first of the year.