New Daconil Action fungicide from Syngenta provides the proven disease control of Daconil fungicide with a protein boost from acibenzolar-S-methyl (also known as acibenzolar) for golf course superintendents and professional turfgrass managers.

The product is labeled for use on golf courses, professional and collegiate athletic fields, and lawns around commercial and industrial buildings.

The unique properties of acibenzolar, combined with the trusted performance of Daconil, enhances disease control and improves turf quality. Acibenzolar provides a boost of pathogenesis-related proteins that activate the turf’s natural defense mechanisms and help it combat stress resulting from environmental, mechanical and disease pressures, says a release from Syngenta.

“Daconil Action achieves complete plant coverage quickly,” said Bob Goglia, brand manager, Syngenta. “Acibenzolar’s systemic properties result in uniform distribution throughout the plant and ensure that natural defense mechanisms are activated in new plant growth as well. We’re excited to bring this revolutionary solution to superintendents for increased efficiency and improved disease control.”

Acibenzolar belongs to a product category called Host Plant Defense Induction, established by the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) in Group P. Once absorbed, acibenzolar stimulates the natural defense response or the Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) of the turfgrass by activating the production of PR proteins.

“The acibenzolar – combined with Daconil fungicide’s direct activity on disease pathogens – is what gives Daconil Action its boosted performance,” said Mike Agnew, technical manager, Syngenta. “Acibenzolar bridges the gap between genetic resistance and conventional disease control. Its SAR effect works with Daconil to reduce disease infection.”

Research shows that Daconil Action provides longer residual control of anthracnose and dollar spot, two major challenges for golf course superintendents. It has also performed consistently in all weather conditions throughout the growing season (per trials at Rutgers University 2006 and Pennsylvania State University 2010).

Features and benefits of Daconil Action include:
á  Only turf health product in the United States recognized by the FRAC as having an active ingredient that produces an SAR effect
á  Multi-site mode of action to attack pathogens at several biochemical sites, preventing disease resistance
á  Effectively controls diseases including dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch, gray leaf spot, stem rust, yellow patch as well as others and suppresses Pythium blight* and bacterial wilt*
á  Protein-boost effect improves ability to handle drought, increases photosynthetic capacity, reduces incidence of dollar spot and other diseases, and enhances root growth and development
á  Built-in surfactant system provides residual control of 14-21 days when used at recommended rates
á  Labeled for control of turfgrasses on golf courses, sod farms, professional and collegiate athletic fields and lawns around commercial and industrial buildings

*Syngenta supports a FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation for use of Daconil Action for suppression of Pythium blight and bacterial wilt on both Group A and Group B Turf as listed on the federal label. Please see the Section 2(ee) Recommendation to confirm that the recommendation is applicable in your state.  

Daconil Action is available in 2.5-gallon containers. For best performance, it should be applied preventively to turf foliage, before disease symptoms become severe. Apply Daconil Action by ground application in sufficient water to ensure uniform coverage. See label instructions for additional recommendations.

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