ROHNERT PARK, CA — Keshia Roberts is on the road to success. She needs a car to drive down that road, and David Lee, president of DK Landscaping, is supplying it.

Roberts was in a cycle of destructiveness and despair after a childhood of abuse led to teen years of addiction, homelessness and jail. Giving birth while handcuffed to a hospital bed, she realized she had hit bottom and resolved to begin the climb to a productive life. Thanks to an organization called Crossing the Jordan, she completed a faith-based year-long treatment program, has been clean and sober for almost two years.

Michael Bryant, founder of Crossing the Jordan, said he is confident that Roberts will reach her goals. “She’s a leader. She has a natural class about her and she goes the extra mile. What she starts, she brings to completion with excellence. She’s an amazing lady. She’s overcome more than most people can imagine.”

Bryant explains that only 60 percent of his program applicants “make it to the finish line.” Those who don’t, will go back to their old life.

Roberts is working and is registered at Santa Rosa Junior College for classes fall 2015. Given limited bus schedules and routes, her lack of transportation has been a serious obstacle. When Lee learned of this, he saw that he could remove that obstacle. Having grown up in poverty himself, he finds that part of his own journey as a successful business owner is to help others help themselves. His niece, Sandra Lee, happened to be selling her reliable, “everything works” 2002 Honda Civic. He bought the car and is donating it to Roberts.

On Friday, June 5, 2015, Lee met Roberts at a Crossing the Jordan Thrift Outlet in Santa Rosa and handed over the keys. There will be no stopping her now.