AUSTIN, Texas – Turfgrass licensing firm, Doguet Ventures, announces the release of three grasses for license to sod producers across the United States. The grasses are FJ’s Select Turf St. Augustine, Eco Buffalograss and Density Buffalograss.

FJ’s Select Turf is a compact St. Augustine grass with dense horizontal stolon growth and slow vertical growth that requires less mowing than many St. Augustine varieties. For sod production, its compact nature stacks a tighter pallet for easier handling and transportation. FJ’s Select has an excellent green color, good heat tolerance, moderate shade tolerance and resistance to St. Augustine decline disease. Trials conducted at Texas A&M College Station ranked FJ’s Select as the #1 commercial St. Augustine in overall turfgrass quality. FJ’s Select is named for FJ Milberger, the father of the Texas turfgrass industry, who developed the grass.

Eco Buffalograss is a very low-maintenance, native turfgrass. Many homeowners opt to mow it infrequently, or not at all. It is a very strong sod, lifts/harvests well and resists weeds. Best of all, the grass is very easy to maintain and many homeowners opt to not fertilize the grass once established. A beautiful grass, it is a “male” plant that produces a flag or flower during the growing season. Eco Buffalograss was developed by Bladerunner Farms.

Density Buffalograss is a fine-textured buffalograss variety that offers a superior turf quality for faster and easier harvesting and planting. It is a “female” plant. Strong and extremely low maintenance, Density requires no fertilizer from the end user. Density Buffalograss was developed by Bladerunner Farms.