DuPont says it will be launching a claims process related to the use of DuPont Imprelis herbicide, Michael McDermott, Global Business Leader of DuPont Professional Products wrote in a recent open letter to lawn care operators.

McDermott said that DuPont is working with arborists to evaluate the trees most likely to recover and those that may require removal and replacement as a result of damage caused by use of the turfgrass herbicide. Here are the main components of the claims resolution process for those properties that may have experienced damage related to Imprelis use:

Removal and disposal:
DuPont will compensate you for removal and disposal of impacted evergreen trees, which are unlikely to recover, or we will provide this service for you through our contracted partners.
Replacement or compensation:
DuPont will compensate you for replacing evergreen trees that are unlikely to recover or we will directly pay property owners if they choose not to replace these trees.
Replacement tree care:
To support the long-term health of replacement trees, DuPont will pay for care programs after replanting.
DuPont will provide a two-year warranty to program participants for all replacement trees. Should Imprelis cause any impact to other trees on your customers’ properties during the next two years this warranty will cover those trees as well.
Maintenance of other impacted trees:
DuPont will pay for efforts to assist the recovery of other trees impacted by Imprelis use. If the tree does not recover satisfactorily by June 2012, then DuPont will pay to replace the tree or provide additional care.
Additional compensation to property owners:
To cover costs, inconveniences and other possible impacts associated with Imprelis, DuPont will provide participating property owners an additional direct payment based on a fixed percentage of the total validated claim.

"We recognize that damage possibly associated with Imprelis use may have put you in a difficult position. Our goal is to provide a satisfactory outcome that minimizes any negative impact on your customer relationships," wrote McDermott.

"Since you know your customers’ situation the best, we encourage you to support your customers as outlined in the enclosed attachments. DuPont will compensate you for these efforts."

The letter added that if contractors are too busy to do all that is outlined above, DuPont will contract with a tree care company to support this process for these customers.
 The letter contained an overview of the claims process, which you can access by clicking here.

Anyone having questions or concerns about the attached claims process overview should call 1-866-796-4783, said the letter.

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