ET Water Systems Offers Cloud-based Water Budget Tools


NOVATO, Calif. – ET Water Systems, Inc.,based here, just released a suite of water budget tools that enable customers to monitor and manage water use in real-time with graphs and analytics to communicate actionable, water saving data to stakeholders and stay within monthly water budget requirements.

ETwater customers who log into the ETwater Manager cloud-based irrigation management system can now use the water budget tools to record a site’s scheduled and manual water use, as well as wasted water as the result of breaks and leaks. ETwater ManagerT then compiles collected data into real-time graphs and reports to help identify the precise source of over-watering. Landscape managers no longer need to estimate mid-month water usage, but instead can now view actual usage in real time.

With this new feature, we are able to show our customers not only current water usage, but also the amount of water that will have been used at the end of the month if no changes are made,” says Mark Puckett, product manager of Web Solutions, ETwater. “When viewed in a graph set against a site’s Water Budget, it is a powerful tool to share with clients and other stakeholders.” Armed with real-time information, ETwater customers are empowered to make intelligent mid-month adjustments in order to stay on target for month-end water budget parameters.

“One of our core objectives is to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, by incorporating new technologies and solutions that save water, energy and money,” commented Pat McIntyre, CEO, ETwater. “By partnering with our customers and listening to their suggestions, we are able to continually improve the efficacy of our web-based technology and our cloud solution for irrigation management.”

Two additional capabilities are to be added to the water budget suite and will be released at the IA (Irrigation Association) Show in Orlando, Fla., Nov. 2-6, 2012:

Customers will have the ability to define their own water budget, or one defined by a local water agency, instead of using the water budget calculated by the ETwater ManagerT. This is especially significant in areas where water agencies are imposing water budgets based on various criteria that may not match standard formulas.

In addition to operating on sites where water volume is monitored by flow sensors, the Water Budget tools will work in locations without flow sensors, so that all ETwater customers can benefit from these new capabilities.

The new suite of tools is active as of the date of this announcement and is compatible with ETwater SmartBox and SmartWorks products running firmware version 6.10 or higher. For customers with questions about how these new features may work with existing controllers,visit or contact your local distributor.