NOVATO, Calif. – ETwater, based here, is celebrating Smart Irrigation Month by helping customers save water, save money and see better results.

Property owners and managers typically overwater, unintentionally wasting water and money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers. ETwater is delivering real savings. The ETwater solution automatically determines and implements ideal watering schedules to keep landscapes looking their best without wasting a single drop. It also allows users to monitor and manage their irrigation system from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In support of Smart Irrigation Month, ETwater applauds its customers who are producing considerable water savings, including these recent success stories:

A Colorado HOA saved 2.7 million gallons of water and over $25,000 in the first year after installation.

A southern California water conservation company averaged 48 percent water savings for one client over a 3-year period compared to historical usage.

A national apartment building provider attained 40 percent water savings and 230 percent ROI, with over $60,000 savings on water expenses, year over year, on 3 test sites.

A northern California landscape maintenance company uses the ETwater retrofit solution to save water for clients, such as one shopping center who cut water use by 50 percent and three other sites who recorded a 40 percent reduction in water consumption every year for three years.

A southern California HOA saved 36 percent in water consumption in the first year after installation.

A Colorado HOA saved 45 percent and over 1 million gallons of water, with payback in less than one year.

According to ETwater customer Max Moreno of Bemus Landscape, "Our customers save money on water because the ETwater system is automatically irrigating based on what each plant needs on any given day. Comparing the results of two nearly identical sites has illustrated the efficacy of the ETwater system without question. I now recommend ETwater for all relevant projects."

Even consumers without an ETwater smart controller can benefit from this advanced technology and start saving water right away. Gnome by ETwater is a free, web-based program that provides consumers with daily recommended watering schedules based on local weather data and user-inputted landscape data. This program is a free give-away of the ETwater technology for the widest possible public benefit. According to the EPA, if a household lawn uses 15% less water, it could save 8,700 gallons of water per year, and ETwater users save a documented 20-50% in water use. Consumers can access this free technology and start saving water by visiting

For more information about how ETwater can help property managers, businesses, landscape contractors, and homeowners, visit