PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – When ZOMBIE WEEDS return to turf next spring, three new ZOMBIE WEED Warriors are prepared to fight them, FMC Professional Solutions announced recently.

Selected on Halloween night, the winners of the ZOMBIE WEED Warrior Sweepstakes are:

  • Grand Prize: Matthew Gourlay, CGCS, or “Agent Doomweed”, of Colbert Hills Golf Course in Manhattan, Kan., received a ZOMBIE WEED Protection Pack featuring his choice of two qualifying FMC Sulfentrazone herbicides plus a DVD prize package including the first three complete seasons of the hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead.
  • Runners Up: Steve “Doctor Weedpunch” Smith, of Riverview Golf Course in Bunola, Pa., and Doug “Sheriff Weedpunch” Snyder, of The Millbrook Golf Club in Greenwich, Conn., each received a DVD prize package including the first three complete seasons of The Walking Dead.

FMC’s ZOMBIE WEED Warrior Sweepstakes was a Facebook Sweepstakes which allowed all licensed turf professionals who commented on the FMC Turf Facebook page with their ZOMBIE WEED Warrior name to enter a drawing for prizes.

Participants determined their ZOMBIE WEED Warrior name by checking their first and last name initial with a graphic provided within the Facebook post. The first 10 eligible turf professionals to share their ZOMBIE WEED Warrior name on the Facebook post received a free ZOMBIE WEED Warrior T-shirt in addition to entering the drawing for prizes.

The ZOMBIE WEED Protection Pack featured weed control products including Dismiss, Dismiss South, Solitare, Echelon or Blindside herbicides from FMC. ZOMBIE WEEDS are perennial weeds such as yellow nutsedge, green kyllinga, wild violet and ground ivy that come back from the dead, year after year.