Tom Grosh (left), owner of Grosh’s Lawn Service received a Certificate of Merit Award from the Washington County Commissioners by Commissioner President Terry Baker on Jan. 31.

Grosh was also awarded Washington County Commissioner Jeff Cline’s "Washington County Lapel Pin," which was a great honor.

Three years ago Grosh came up with the idea to have the students in the Washington County School systems collect and recycle used phone books so they could be kept out of the waste stream. Grosh met with Harvey Hoch, the Washington County Recycling Coordinator at that time, and they agreed to hold the contest in conjunction with Earth Day.

Grosh’s Lawn Service was the only sponsor for the first two years of the contest. This contest grew  and in 2011 more than 9,700 phone books were collected by 13 participating Washington County Public Schools.

These efforts helped save 62 trees, 233 gallons of oil, 153 gallons of gas, and 11 cubic yards of landfill space. Tom Grosh. Grosh’s Lawn Service is proud member of PLANET.