CHANDLER, Ariz. – Feb. 14, 2012 – Horizon Distributors today announced it has been selected to join the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense Partner Program, making Horizon only the second green industry supplier to be recognized by the EPA.
The WaterSense partnership is truly an honor for us, and it speaks to our commitment to helping our customers conserve water,” said Jim Ross, president, Horizon Distributors. “Being named an official Distribution Partner in the EPA’s WaterSense conservation program is great recognition of our continued efforts to advance irrigation efficiency in the green industry.”
WaterSense is a comprehensive, multi-tiered program established to increase awareness about water savings and promote the value of more efficient products and practices.
The EPA estimates that Americans waste about 1.5 billion gallons of water every day, often through inefficient irrigation. The WaterSense program was created to reduce the overall consumption of clean water resources by encouraging high-efficiency products and water-saving habits–both inside and outside of the home.
“We are excited to participate in this program,” said Ross. “We will continue our efforts to raise awareness and promote water conservation.”
For the professional irrigation industry, a variety of smart controllers from different manufacturers are in the final WaterSense certification process. Horizon Distributors is committed to supporting WaterSense-labeled controllers and other water conserving products as they become available.
“The WaterSense brand will soon be a familiar sight at our locations,” said Dan Puthuff, Construction Channel Manager, Horizon Distributors. “By making it easier for green-industry professionals to identify, choose and install high-efficiency WaterSense irrigation products, we will enable our customers to significantly reduce their water consumption while still maintaining healthy landscapes.”
The WaterSense program includes its own brand identity to help consumers and contractors differentiate products or services. Based on independent testing, products that meet EPA criteria for water-saving efficiency earn the official WaterSense certification label.
“When landscape professionals see the WaterSense brand label on an irrigation product, they can be assured of optimal water-use efficiency, a key component of conservation,” said Puthuff. “As an official WaterSense distribution partner, Horizon is where green industry professionals can turn to for real world water conservation tips, techniques and tools.”
The EPA calculates that more than 125 billion gallons of water and over $2 billion in water and energy bills have already been saved through the use of WaterSense products.
“It is very easy to talk about saving water, but by being part of WaterSense we’re forcing every member of our team – including our vendor partners, to make smart water usage and water conservation a top priority,” said Puthuff. “Water is such a finite, valuable resource, and at Horizon we’re committed to working with our customers to give them the tools and know-how they need to make smarter irrigation choices.”
The first WaterSense labeled controllers should be available in late spring.
“We’re transforming the marketplace and changing the world with these water-saving applications,” said Puthuff. “When contractors see the WaterSense label, they can be confident of maintaining superior landscapes with less water, which is better for everybody.”
For more information about the WaterSense program or to learn about other water-saving products, please call or visit your local Horizon Distributors’ location, or visit us online at