SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Hunter Industries announces their acquisition of all the landscape irrigation products, patents and trademarks from Alex-Tronix Controls of Fresno, California. Since 1977, Alex-Tronix has been a leading innovator in irrigation controller technology for the commercial landscape and agricultural irrigation industries.

“For more than 30 years, George Alexanian and Alex-Tronix have developed innovations in control technology that have advanced water conservation,” said Greg Hunter, president of Hunter Industries. “This strategic acquisition will allow Hunter to broaden the coverage of our intellectual property in this very important segment of the commercial market. Further, it will allow Hunter to improve upon our existing products and expand our product offering.”

Alexanian, president of Alex-Tronix, said, “Purchasing our landscape irrigation business will allow Hunter Industries to leverage their core strengths in the development, production and sales of irrigation control products by continuing to offer innovations in smart water technology. Alex-Tronix will continue to focus on delivering and developing innovative products to our agricultural irrigation customers. We see this as an opportunity to expand our core agricultural controller business and help our farmers conserve water during the drought.”