Hunter Industries was founded in 1981 by irrigation industry pioneer and entrepreneur Edwin J. Hunter, with the help of his children, Paul, Richard and Ann. In 1983, the small Hunter team introduced the PGP gear-driven rotor to the world of irrigation. This proprietary product started what is now referred to as The Rotor Revolution.” Its success as an efficient, reliable product quickly put Hunter on the map as a well-respected irrigation equipment manufacturer. This year Hunter Industries will turn 30. Throughout Hunter’s first 30 years, the company has gone from start-up to industry powerhouse.
Built on a legacy of efficient product innovation and outstanding customer service, the diverse array of Hunter irrigation and outdoor lighting products can now be seen everywhere, from residential landscapes to stadiums, national landmarks, golf courses, city parks, commercial complexes, hotels and municipal buildings around the world.
While everyone at Hunter is proud of what was accomplished in the first 30 years, the current company focus is fully committed toward what will be accomplished in the next 30 and beyond. Moving forward, Hunter is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, resource use efficiency, quality, training and customer experience in every product and project.