Hydro-Scape Products has been named a distributor of Rain Bird Maxicom2 central control systems for the Southern California market. Additionally, Hydro-Scape Products offers support on Rain Bird’s I.Q. 2 system and pump systems, including service assistance before, during and after the purchasing process. This added service completes the full line of product offerings available from Hydro-Scape in the Rain Bird Turf line.

The Maxicom2 is designed for multisite commercial or industrial irrigation applications. Hundreds of sites can be controlled and weather sources monitored from one location through various devices such as telephone, cellular, Wi-Fi, direct wire and radio communication. It is a fully automated central irrigation control system able to use current weather data to adjust watering schedules daily, making it ideal for municipalities, school districts, homeowners associations and parks departments to meet water conservation goals.

Along with the Rain Bird Maxicom2 control system, Hydro-Scape’s Tech Services offers other landscape and irrigation products, including its trademarked Hydro-Safe irrigation controller enclosure assemblies.