ELMER, N.J. — John Coombs, president of Coombs Sod Farm, was elected to the board of trustees of Turfgrass Producers International during their annual business meeting in San Diego, California, on Feb. 17. His term took effect on July 1.

As president of Coombs Sod Farms, Coombs oversees the 1,700-acre farm located in Elmer. Coombs Sod Farms services the eastern seaboard with turfgrass sod, potatoes, corn, soybeans, spinach and sweet corn.

Coombs got into turfgrass sod production in 2000 so the farm would have a rotational crop for potatoes that would also utilize center pivot irrigation systems. He became a member of TPI that same year. His dedication to crop rotation and solid farming practices has allowed the family business to produce high-quality turfgrass sod to golf courses and landscape contractors and produce high-yielding potato crops. Coombs’ turfgrass sod can be found all along the northeast and New England areas.

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