Effective March 15, many of Kawasaki’s commercial grade hand-held power products started coming with an extra bit of green attached-in the form of a cash rebate, not grass or shrubbery.

The company has launched its Two-Fisted Cash Back” rebate program that applies to purchases made from March 15 through June 30, 2013. Customers who send in the rebate card will receive up to $25 for each applicable unit purchased, up to a total of five units. One unit qualifies for a $20 rebate.

The promotion applies to string trimmers (KTFR27 flex shaft, KTF27 flex shaft, KGT27 solid shaft, KGT35 solid shaft); hedge trimmers (all 24-inch double-sided, all 30-inch double-sided, all 30-inch single-sided, all 44-inch single-sided); blowers (KRB750 backpack, KRH300 hand-held-which is eligible for a $20 rebate); and the multi-task power series (KMS27A multi-task power head).

Kawasaki’s commercial grade hand-held power products are available at dealers nationally, and many will be posting banners, window clings and other communications materials to draw attention to this unique opportunity for both professionals and homeowners.

Information is also available at Kawasaki’s website,, and is available in both English and Spanish.