FRESNO, Calif. – In recognition of more than a quarter-century spent on the development and adaptation of subsurface drip irrigation through field research, education and support of the microirrigation community of scientists, Freddie R. Lamm, P.E., has been named recipient of the first Netafim Award for Advancement in Microirrigation. 
The award, presented by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) in partnership with Netafim honors and recognizes an ASABE member each year who has made significant contributions in the ability to utilize and adapt microirrigation technology at an appropriate scale for any given level of production technology. Lamm, whose research on subsurface drip irrigation has greatly influenced field productivity in the Midwest and other areas of the world, was named winner of the inaugural award at the ASABE’s annual international meeting held in Montreal, Quebec last month.
Specializing in water management for grain and oilseed crops, and in the design and management for irrigation systems, Lamm has spent the last 25 years leading efforts at KSU to broaden the adaptation and adoption of SDI technology for field crop production.
A 35-year member of the ASABE, Lamm has authored or coauthored more than 315 refereed journal articles, conference papers and technical and trade publications.  In addition to his many career accolades, he was named Irrigation Association Person of the Year in 2012 for his research on the development and management of advanced irrigation systems.