HERNDON, Va. – The Principles of Turfgrass Management certification program is now available as an online course. Passing this international turf program will earn you and your crew the Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Manager credential.

Previously, this course was only offered as a print-based self-study. The online course allows students to receive access to the Web-based course and materials, which include interactive practice quizzes and exercises. While the printed text is not required for the online course, students have the option of purchasing the text for an additional fee.

The course, offered in partnership between PLANET and the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education, will continue to be a self-guided study focusing on the principles of warm- and cool-season turfgrass establishment, growth, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Registrants have 12 months from the enrollment date to complete the course and earn their certificate.

The course fee includes one attempt at each of two proctored exams. Students are responsible for locating a suitable facility and scheduling the exams. Students are responsible for paying any fees assessed by testing centers/proctors.

The program offers PLANET membership and military discounts. For more information, visit www.georgiacenter.uga.edu/turf, email student@georgiacenter.uga.edu or call 706-542-3537.