The Nation of Patriots is proud to announce that Scag Power Equipment has stepped forward as the premier sponsor of the organization and its signature event: The 2014 Patriot Tour, which honors America’s Armed Forces. The Patriot Tour is an annual and nationwide effort that pays tribute to, and honors, all of America’s Armed Forces – Past, Present and Fallen.

The Patriot Tour begins Memorial Day weekend. A massive group of riders escorts one American Flag on the back of a motorcycle for 100 days, making 100 stops in 48 states.  During Labor Day weekend, the flag concludes its travels, making it full circle and arriving back in Wisconsin where the tour originated. The Patriot Tour stops in 100 towns and cities drawing out as many proud Americans as possible. It’s free to participate and open to anyone and everyone.

The Nation of Patriots was formed in 2009 to provide financial support to those who have served in the United States Armed Forces and their families. It is an independent, non-partisan, 501(C)3 nonprofit organization which prides itself on giving 100 percent of all donations received directly to the veterans they strive to help. The Nation of Patriots works with VA facilities and many other veteran organizations to locate and select veteran families based on specific criteria.

To learn more about the Nation of Patriots and the Patriot Tour, including the full schedule of stops and how you can contribute or join the ride, visit their website at