Auburn, NH: January 6, 2012 – Natural Technologies, Inc. has announced an initiative to help design and manage landscapes to make them more environment friendly, resource efficient and safer. With the recent launch of the Bee-SafeT brand, it now has a comprehensive program of sustainable/organic land care.
The Bee-SafeT Sustainable Land Care Dealer Network will allow landscape professionals the opportunity to expand their business by offering sustainable solutions to the growing concerns of the environmental damage and health safety issues caused by use of harmful synthetic chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. Also, NTI offers systems to help manage properties to reduce pollution and promote conservation of resources.
Bee-SafeT Dealers get all of the advantages of brand name awareness, intensive training, proprietary products, proven application systems and continued technical support, while still maintaining their own, independently operated business. Since its launch in August, the response to the dealer program has been overwhelming. NTI is receiving inquires from lawn and landscape companies across the US and Canada.  By the fourth quarter of 2012, NTI anticipates over 200 companies joining its dealer network.
The Bee-SafeT sustainable system includes: Organic Lawn Management, Organic Tree and Ornamental Programs, Storm Water Run-off Solutions, Natural Pest Control and Resource Conservation. Dealers will receive access to NTI’s unique product technology and patent-pending application system that introduces beneficial microbes into the soil web and eliminates the need for synthetic chemicals and pesticides on lawns and plants. They will also learn about recent laws and regulations on pesticides and the use of natural weed and pest control products as safer alternatives. This, along with advice and products to control storm water run-off and harvest rainwater for lawn irrigation, will give the landscape professional options to reduce pollution and conserve water and energy.
Bee-SafeT Sustainable Land Care offers customers a natural, organic alternative to manage landscapes and the chance to share in the mission of creating a safer environment. This unique eco-friendly system approach provides Dealers a way to differentiate their services and capture market share of a fast growing demand for organic lawn care and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals.