Each winter the pubs in the contractor segment of the green industry begin gathering business-related data from their subscribers. They send questionnaires to readers via email, and readers fill them out and return them the same way.

When enough data is gathered to assure a statistically relevant snapshot of the industry, the editors of the each publication weave the data into a narrative that they describe as a "state of the industry" or some similar term. These reports generally make fine reading and provide insight on readers’ plans for the season, and they also shed some light on trends that affect them.

This year HindSite Software, a company founded by entrepreneur David Crary got a jump on the trade press, and did its own industry-wide survey. Crary, a very interesting Minnesotan, founded and ran a successful irrigation services company prior to founding HindSite Software about 10 years.

Here are some of the results from the survey:

– 62 percent of respondents are raising prices this season

– 85 percent of respondents expect to grow their revenue this year (more than half budgeting growth between 6-20 percent) 

– more than half of respondents expect to increase their spending on equipment/software to increase the efficiency of their companies.

Chad Reinholz, who does marketing for HindSite, tells Turf magazine that HindSite used its database of 8,000 green industry businesses with four percent responding.

Download a pdf of the HindSite Software "Benchmark Report" at http://bit.ly/YN18WL.