BALTIMORE – Matthew Partain of Berea, Ky. and Neil Buchholz of Redding, Calif., recently became the 139th and 140th grounds management professionals to successfully complete the Professional Grounds Management Society CGM program.

Partain serves as the grounds coordinator at Berea College where he has been for over four years. When asked his thoughts on the CGM program he responded, I believe a word used during the process was ‘comprehensive’ and that’s absolutely correct! The CGM program requires an in depth look at all aspects of grounds management. I thought it was a fantastic way to show what I am doing well, and areas that I could manage better.”

Buchholz serves as the grounds supervisor at Simpson University and has been in that position for the eight years he has been employed at the university. When asked why he decided to become a CGM he responded, “Simpson University is an institution of higher education; therefore, as part of my drive for excellence, I was inspired to start and complete the CGM program. By completing the CGM program I could expand my knowledge and connect with others who have the same goals in mind. The program would also provide independent evidence that I am a professional in my field.”