MARIETTA, GA – PrimeraTurf, Inc. is pleased to announce their newest board members as voted on by the membership at their annual meeting in July. Joining the PrimeraTurf board are Jim Coens, vice president of sales for Conserv FS out of Woodstock, Ill., and Rocky Dreibrodt of Corbin Turf Supply out of Greenville, S.C. 
Jim and Rocky have been very instrumental in forging our strategic imperatives and will be tremendous additions to the board as Bill Walker and Ken Clemmer step down,” states CEO John Gertz. PrimeraTurf continues to increase the growth and expansion of owner business impact through Primera’s new supplier relationships and Platinum Product portfolio. The Primera board has and will continue to be instrumental in guiding and leading this growth. The board members will now include: Randy Tischer, chairman of the board; Kevin Connelly, treasurer; Rocky Dreibrodt, secretary; and Roger Ogalla, Jim Coens, Michael Hull and Jonathan Annas. 
PrimeraTurf wants to thank Bill Walker and Ken Clemmer for their 6 years of service on the Primera board of directors. They have been instrumental in providing leadership to Primera as the organization grew and managed change. “Bill and Ken and the previous Primera board have been huge assets to myself and Primera in this last year,” states Gertz. “The past and current boards continue to fervently support our new initiatives as they see the strong business impact these initiatives are having to Primera owners’ business.”