Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution is sponsoring a second season of its documentary titled Project Sno Fighter,” which will again highlight the lives and jobs of snow removal contractors, with a focus on how new equipment is integrated into their businesses. Filming is scheduled to take place through March 2012, and the documentary will debut at the 2012 Snow and Ice Management Association Symposium to be held in Buffalo, N.Y.

“Project Sno Fighter-Season 2” will feature four snow removal contactors located throughout the U.S. and Canada. “We want to show, once again, what happens before, during and after the storms,” said Jeffrey Luke, director of marketing for Pro-Tech. “This year, in addition to capturing the core functions of these businesses, we want to share how new equipment is adopted with all the trials and tribulations-and successes.”

Participants selected for the documentary include two Sno Fighters from the first season, Kyle Stevens of Stonewood and Waters Landscape Craftsmen in Rush, N.Y., and Paul Vanderzon of D_neigement Vanderzon in St. Bruno, Que. The two additional participants are Shaun Stever of SMS Maintenance in Hudson, N.Y., and Andrew Eaton of Canadian Grounds, Inc. in Toronto, Ont. To participate in the film, the contractors underwent an application process and were carefully chosen based on their abilities and desire to utilize new equipment.