FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Together with recognized irrigation experts, the Irrigation Association, based here, has developed best management practices for turf and landscape. These BMPs are designed to:

. Raise the bar for efficient water management.

. Preserve water supplies and protect water quality.

. Help stakeholders formulate and implement sound water policies, including appropriate codes and standards for effective water stewardship.

. Help water purveyors, industry professionals and irrigation consumers make responsible and informed decisions about water use.

Each BMP includes a corresponding practice guideline that provides a template to establish specifications that address local needs. Practice guidelines are based on proven scientific and engineering principles.

Updated BMP Document

The draft copy of the revised document is open for review and public comment from Nov. 1 until Dec. 10, 2013. The revised Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices will replace the current version in early 2014.

To view the draft document click here.