RISE President Aaron Hobbs shares the four strategic drivers of the association’s 2020 Vision during its annual breakfast at the 2015 Golf Industry Show in San Antonio. Photo by Jimmy Thomas, GIS15

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) held its annual Industry Issues Breakfast for members and golf course superintendents at the Golf Industry Show in San Antonio. RISE Governing Board chairman Dan Stahl, OHP, Inc., and RISE President Aaron Hobbs welcomed some 150 attendees to talk about the association’s five-year strategic plan, 2015 priority issues and grassroots involvement.

“We thank superintendents for their continued partnership. We can count on them to step up when issues arise on the local and state level. They’re always one of the first to contact RISE and ask how they can help,” said Stahl. “Golf Course Superintendents of America is an important ally in our advocacy and community-building efforts.”

Hobbs spoke about RISE’s five-year strategic plan by giving attendees an overview of the association’s 2020 Vision: an industry free to create inspiring and healthy places where we live, work and play.

“Industry unity is vital as we move forward in managing pesticide and nutrient issues,” said Hobbs.

He also announced RISE’s pollinator petition to President Obama, asking the White House to consider the complexity of the issue and the positive contributions of our industry.

“Signing the petition demonstrates to the White House the work our industry is already doing for pollinator health, such as creating pollinator-friendly spaces on golf courses, rights-of-way and other large tracts of land,” said Hobbs. “Please help us meet our Earth Day goal of at least 500 signatures on the pollinator petition to President Obama,” he adds. Sign the online petition at www.votervoice.net/RISE/petitions/535/respond.

RISE is the national association representing the manufacturers, formulators, distributors and other industry leaders involved with pesticide products used in turf, ornamental, pest control, aquatic and terrestrial vegetation and other non-food/fiber applications.

Visit the RISE Grassroots page at www.pestfacts.org/grassroots to learn more.