PHOENIX, Ariz.-Selling clients on smart irrigation can be tough, so Ewing created some new tools to help contractors get the conversation started, just in time for Smart Irrigation Month.

Ewing’s Smart Irrigation Sales Tools offer three ways to promote smart irrigation: an awareness flyer, an irrigation inspection form and a proposal form.

These professionally designed tools are free to use. Once downloaded, each form can be customized with a company name and contact information using free Adobe Reader software.

How do they work?
First, use the Awareness Flyer to get property owners to think about ways they can reduce their outdoor water use. Include it in your mailings or pass it out to potential clients. At site visits, bring the Irrigation Inspection Form to find opportunities for water-savings. Finally, present your recommendations for water-savings, repairs, maintenance and more with the Smart Solutions Proposal form.

Celebrate Smart Irrigation
Along with these sales tools, Ewing has three more ways contractors can get into the spirit of Smart Irrigation Month:

  • Landscape Irrigation Infographic: Many people don’t know that a broken sprinkler can waste as much as $90 in a season, or that half the water used in a typical yard is wasted! Drop some water wisdom and promote your business by sharing our Landscape Irrigation Infographic with family, friends and followers and posting it on your website or blog.
  • Irrigation Photo Contest: Snap a pic for our Irrigation Photo Contest the next time you finish a smart irrigation installation or see a not-so-smart job! We’re awarding prizes for the best (and worst) irrigation examples out there.
  • Blue Monday Specials: Each week in July Ewing is offering sizzling specials on water-saving products, including smart controllers, soil moisture and rain sensors, nozzles and sprinklers, drip irrigation, AquaSmart and more. Join Ewing’s email list at for the Blue Monday emails announcing our specials each week in July.

Ewing’s smart irrigation sales tools, infographic (and more) are available at