PLAINFIELD, Ill. – Spring-Green Lawn Care is introducing an irrigation maintenance program. In 2013, Spring-Green’s Plainfield-based support center successfully introduced the program throughout the Chicagoland area. Several franchise owners throughout the country are now offering the service as well.

Candy Wolfe services the Michiana area, including Michigan’s Berrien and Cass counties and Indiana’s St. Joseph county, Rodney Gaddis covers the greater Franklin, Tennessee area, Jim Hoelsworth supports the New Jersey counties of Cape May, Camden and Gloucester, franchise owner Matt Holker services Maple Grove, Plymouth, and the surrounding greater Minneapolis and St. Cloud area, and Ryan Brown, also in Minnesota, covers the St. Paul and Eagan communities.

Sprinkler units, like cars and HVAC systems, need to be serviced regularly to perform at maximum efficiency. It is little known by consumers that sprinkler nozzles can wear out over time and actually become out of balance, resulting in inefficient sprays and water loss. In order to use the recommended amount of water during this time of year, the irrigation maintenance program Spring-Green offers can help. This is a process that will allow for not only the efficient use of water, but it will also allow for a greener lawn.

"It’s all about applying less water more uniformly, and allowing the water to infiltrate to the root zone versus being wasted through runoff and evaporation," says Jay Guthy, business development maqnager for Toro, a Spring-Green irrigation partner.

The irrigation maintenance program has three important steps.

The first is the start-up, an operational review of the irrigation system, which also includes checking the main water supply and priming the mainline.

The second is a mid-season performance evaluation, normally occurring during this time of year, the hot, dry days of summer. During the mid-season evaluation, Spring-Green professionals fine tune all operational systems including checking for leaks, removing overgrowth around sprinkler heads, maintaining rotors and nozzles and evaluating water flow for peak performance.

Fall winterization is the third service and prepares the entire system for the harsh weather during winter. "It’s all about providing a comprehensive service to our customers," said Ted Hofer, Spring-Green CEO. "Irrigation is an important part of having a healthy, weed free lawn, and Spring-Green’s trained professionals are equipped to start-up, maintain and winterize irrigation systems."

While Spring-Green has been adding these new services, they have also been including training programs for existing franchise owners, the most recent coming in August. "The training programs the Spring-Green support center provide ensure better understanding among franchise owners, which, in turn, help deliver better customer service," said Hofer.