How do you thank a man who took it upon himself to landscape the Lincoln Memorial during last month’s federal government shutdown?

With a chain saw, of course, and a few extra bucks to cover city parking tickets.

A month after Charleston, S.C., resident Chris Cox was spotted mowing the lawn around the Lincoln Memorial, the man who dubbed himself the first member of the Memorial Militia Group” will return to the monument to accept a chain saw and roughly $1,800 collected by a charity group’s online fundraiser.

Cox was first spotted at the memorial in early October pushing his mower, with a blue and white South Carolina flag billowing behind him. The chain saw artist told reporters he had hoped to inspire others to help clean the landscape around national monuments and memorials, which had been left unattended after the federal government shutdown closed parks and prevented grounds crews from doing their work.

Cox is scheduled to receive his thank-you gifts Wednesday during a small ceremony at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial steps. He said he planned to head back to South Carolina sometime this weekend but hoped that his time in the spotlight was not in vain.

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