LAS VEGAS – The Synthetic Turf Council’s Spring Membership Meeting here attracted a record attendance of 226 individuals representing companies located throughout the world and of all types in the synthetic turf industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, installers, landscape architects and engineers, testing labs, and maintenance equipment and service companies. The theme of the conference was "Quality: Live it, Breathe it, Achieve it."

Enhancing the performance of synthetic turf sports fields was a major focus of the educational program. A session called "STC Guidelines for Synthetic Turf Performance" detailed the STC’s new performance guidelines and applicable test protocols for multipurpose sports fields. Moderated by John Baize of ACT Global Sports, the panel included Erle Miles of Testing Services, Inc., Rusty Abell of ISA-Sport and Eric O’Donnell of Sports Labs. Grove Teates of Alpine Services discussed "Specifying and Constructing Stable and Lasting Bases Under Synthetic Turf Sports Fields," and Rich Dunn of Hunter Industries presented on the "Benefits of Irrigation for Synthetic Turf Sports Fields."

The STC’s annual membership meeting will be held in Dallas, Texas, Oct. 1 – 3, 2012.