LONDONDERRY, N.H. – The Tree Care Industry Association is proud to announce the confirmation of 13 tree care industry companies as partners in TCIA’s Partners Advancing Commercial Tree Care (PACT) program for 2014.

PACT is a strategic partnership between TCIA and industry companies who are invested in the future of the tree care industry. Their support of TCIA helps the growth and development of the entire industry, making it possible for a more profitable and safer industry.

The 2014 partners include:

  • Crown: Altec, Bandit Industries, Inc., Morbark, Husqvarna and Vermeer
  • Root: Arborjet and George Fern
  • Seed: Buckingham Mfg., Fanno Saws, Liberty Financial, Mauget, Northern Atlantic Financial and Weaver Leather

TCIA is also proud to welcome Arborjet as a first-year PACT partner for 2014. 

To learn more about the PACT program and our partners, visit or call 800-733-2622.