PITTSBURGH, Pa. –  The LandOpt Contractor Network recently added Grantville-based Team Lewis Landscaping. The central Pennsylvania contractor becomes the fifth Powered by LandOpt Contractor in the state.

A full-service landscape contractor, Team Lewis provides maintenance and design solutions for commercial and residential customers in the eastern regions of Harrisburg, Hershey and extending towards Lancaster. President & General Manager, Seth Lewis, who launched the business as a teenager, first learned about LandOpt at a Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association (PNLA) event.  After hearing the details of the LandOpt System, Lewis’ immediate reaction was simply "We’ve got to have this."

In describing the value he perceives from LandOpt, Lewis noted, "The LandOpt systems and processes will allow us to create a great atmosphere for our team members by giving them the opportunity for independent training and professional development.  This ultimately keeps them accountable and will help them grow with the company," says Lewis.

In addition, Lewis says that the proactive sales process, the consistency of the hiring and recruiting process, as well as the defined roles and responsibilities that LandOpt introduces will be key to his company’s continued growth and success.