Orlando is an unlikely place and the dead of summer is an unlikely time to make preparations for snow and ice, but that is exactly what U.S. Lawns does. That is in part how this semi-tropics-based company ranked number 8 on Snow Magazine’s TOP 100 snow contractors list for 2012.

"We have to monitor very closely the expectations of our customers in the snow regions, and when a snow or ice event strikes, we have to be ready," said Ken Hutcheson, president of U.S. Lawns. "We have manned and automated systems in place to react and track progress for multiple locations simultaneously nationwide, with great results."

U.S. Lawns is a full service, year-round commercial landscape management company with 250 offices nationwide. Their commercial contracts allow them time to prepare for the winter.

"We stay close to our customers," said Hutcheson. "Part of our culture, which started in 1986, has always included building relationships with our customers and maintaining open communication with them. That becomes critical when there is a snow or ice storm. Those events are minute to minute. We have to react quickly to make sure our customers’ properties are ready and accessible for their customers during business hours. No one wants to arrive at a bank or business that has not been cleared of snow by the time they are ready to conduct business. We have a team in place to ensure our customers’ needs are met."