CANTON, Ohio -Ventrac, by Venture Products, Inc. unveiled a new Model 4500 tractor at an international dealer sales meeting here. More than 10 countries were represented in the dealership attendance, with some traveling from as far away as Japan. The meeting culminated with a hands-on demonstration held at Malone University, where dealers operated the new 4500 tractor. Dealers tried their hand at stump grinding, trenching, edging, tilling, mowing, aerating and, much more.

"It was awesome to have our dealers together for a few days. They are excited about the new benefits and features of the new tractor and the direction that Ventrac is heading," says Tim Jeffries, director of sales.

The 4500 features powerful engine options, more safety features, enhanced technology and easy, comfortable handling.

New multiple engine options include Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki and Kubota models. The new 4500 will provide a propane ‘green’ engine option with the Kubota WG972-GL. When adding the optional propane kit, this bi-fuel-ready tractor offers gas and/or propane fuel operation for fuel savings and cleaner burning emissions and can reduce your carbon footprint up to 90 percent, according to the U.S. EPA.

Ease of use and comfort

Ergonomically friendly controls include an easy to reach automotive style parking brake, and a conveniently located PTO belt tensioner. The relocated weight transfer lever allows operators to easily adjust for increased stability on slopes and for increased lift capacity.

The sealed electrical system protects fuses, relays and terminals from corrosion and outdoor elements. A new automotive style wire harness allows a quick ‘plug and play’ feature for ease of connecting optional tractor accessories.

The optional digital slope indicator with warning light integrates into the dash, providing easy visibility, and allows operators to continuously monitor the degree of slope operation.

The extra large premium comfort seat with adjustable slide rails will provide many hours of riding comfort for operators.

Added features

The tractor features an enclosed muffler for greater visibility and minimized exhaust exposure. Operators of the new 4500 are kept informed of operational temperatures, oil pressure or low voltage levels with

the enhanced instrumentation of the new 6-function warning gauge.

New technology can be seen in the electronic instrument panel on the newly redesigned dash. With tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, hour meter and temperature gauge, operators stay well informed.

A battery disconnect switch feature fully disables the electrical system and includes a fail safe disconnect.

Features of the Ventrac 4500 include:

Multiple Engine Options

Propane "Green Industry" Engine Option

Enclosed Muffler

Enhanced Weight Transfer Lever

Pre-Wired Plug and Play Wire Harness

Fold-Down ROPS- standard

Premium Comfort Seat- standard

Optional Digital Slope Indicator integrated into dash

Advanced Electronic Instrument Panel

6 Function Warning Gauge and Alarm

Conveniently Located PTO Belt Tensioner

Onboard Diagnostic System

Sealed Electrical System

Thermostat Controlled Oil Cooler

Battery Disconnect Switch

Automotive Style Parking Brake

Universal PTO Switch

Enhanced SDLA Operator Controls

Optional Horn

3 Tire Options -Standard All Terrain Tires, or optional Turf and Bar Tires

Over 10 Accessory Options

3-Point Hitch Accessory

3-N-1 Adapter for towing and rear attachments

Ventrac compact tractors and commercial grade attachments are designed and manufactured at their Orrville, Ohio facilities utilizing the latest in 3D cad software, laser-cutting technology, robotic welding and a powder paint system.

Ventrac tractors are designed with an articulating frame, front-end attachments and all wheel drive traction in a compact design that offers unmatched versatility. Ventrac serves a wide variety of markets including golf course turf management, municipalities, schools, universities, snow and landscape contractors, hobby farmers, homeowners and estate owners.

Ventrac compact tractors and attachments are sold and serviced through a network of authorized dealers in the USA, Europe, and Canada including South Africa, South Korea, Chile, Japan, Sweden and more. Dealers are supported by the company’s corporate headquarters, Venture Products, Inc. in Orrville, Ohio.

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