I picked up “Millennials Incorporated” by Lisa Orrell at my local library this past week. The tidy little paperback looked like it might teach me something about the young adults starting to become the leaders in our industry, and the many other young men and women just getting started in the business.

So what’s a millennial, you might wonder as I did? Most sources use the term for anyone born between 1982 and 2000, give or take a few years either way.

OK, so here are the “hot buttons” to stress when trying to bring millennials into your company, writes Orrell.

  • We provide new experiences & exciting opportunities.
  • Our core values are integrity & honesty.
  • You will be challenged quickly.
  • We provide a very structured path for advancement.
  • We offer a flexible work environment.
  • We reward hard work.
  • We provide a fun atmosphere.
  • We employ fun & friendly people.
  • You will be treated with respect & your opinions valued.
  • We offer a solid mentoring program & strong leadership.
  • We respect your personal life.
  • We support entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We offer a collaborative work culture.
  • We support & encourage advancement.
  • We support diversity and we are charitable & green.

Adds author Lisa Orwell about these younger adults: “Their sense of entitlement is based on wanting what they want, and working hard to get it.”

Golly, I think just about anybody, and not just millennials, would appreciate hearing the above.