PHOTO: Tom and Jake Ball working at the little league fields in Sullivan, Wis.

A few years ago, the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA) started a project with the national green industry group, Project EverGreen, to find a way to interact with youth sports. This year, volunteers from the various chapters of WLCA offered their help to numerous athletic fields across the state. These fields are used by youth participating in baseball, softball, football and soccer. WLCA members provided their own equipment and labor and Spring Valley Turf provided some of their fertilizer.

Member volunteers from across the state have already completed the aeration and fertilization of over fifty youth athletic fields. By the end of the year their goal is to have completed 70 fields.

In addition to member volunteers, Dave Nelson, chairman of the WLCA Publicity Committee, spearheaded the coordination of this year’s project. He worked with the various chapters across the state to identify athletic fields and coordinated the materials needed for each one.

With the success of the project in Wisconsin, Project EverGreen is considering expanding it to other parts of the country. Their motto is “Healthy Turf for Healthy Kids.” WLCA is committed to this project and is seeking to develop relationships with corporate sponsorship to help build a sustainable effort for the next generation.

Project EverGreen’s mission is to preserve and enhance the green space in our communities for today and future generations. WLCA is committed to making that happen across the state of Wisconsin. With the generous donation of time, talent and equipment by their member contractors and materials from their supplier members, WLCA can preserve and enhance the green space across the state for the youth of today and tomorrow. WLCA is excited about what has been accomplished and looks forward to the program growing over the years.