WSNLA Seeks Comments on Seattle Code-Pronto!


Please take a moment to contact the city of Seattle, Wash., with your comments on how the draft codes will impact your business and the services you provide. While the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association (WSNLA) will be submitting a formal letter on behalf of the industry, WSNLA says it’s vital that the city of Seattle hears directly from you regarding the draft codes.
Seattle has announced a list of proposed high-efficiency building code changes, entitled Green Code Provisions, which addresses areas, such as: Water Conservation (irrigation); Material Conservation; Sustainable Transportation; Healthy Landscapes; and Misc. Requirements.
Of particular importance, the Invasive Species and Native Vegetation (Regional Plan) draft that applies for all new vegetated landscapes or those being replaced stipulates that: 

  • Existing invasive plant species shall be removed and no invasive species planted.
  • 75 percent of all new plantings will be native to Western Washington.
  • A vegetation plan must be submitted for review.
  • Existing native plants shall be protected whenever possible.

The WSNLA, which is fearful that the code requirement, if adopted by Seattle, will spread to other jurisdictions, urges that members send their comments to Kathleen Petrie at by Monday, Aug. 27.

View the draft Green Code Provision at: