PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Zombies recently returned to television for another season on the AMC hit show, The Walking Dead.  ZOMBIE WEEDS will soon be returning to turf.

Just in time for Halloween, turf professionals can become ZOMBIE WEED Warriors – and win fun prizes – by participating in a new Facebook Sweepstakes from FMC Professional Solutions. Running from Oct. 21 to midnight Oct. 30, 2013, the ZOMBIE WEED Warrior Sweepstakes allows all licensed turf professionals who comment on the FMC Turf Facebook page with their ZOMBIE WEED Warrior name to enter a drawing for prizes.

Determine your ZOMBIE WEED Warrior name by checking your first and last name initial with the graphic provided within the Facebook post. The first 10 eligible turf professionals to comment on the Facebook graphic with their ZOMBIE WEED Warrior name will receive a free ZOMBIE WEED Warrior t-shirt.

Selected at random on Oct. 31, 2013, the Grand Prize winner will receive a ZOMBIE WEED Protection Pack featuring his/her choice of two qualifying FMC sulfentrazone herbicides plus a DVD prize package that includes the first three complete seasons of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. Two Runner-ups will also receive the first three complete seasons of The Walking Dead on DVD. 

The ZOMBIE WEED Protection Pack features either a warm-season or cool-season turf herbicide pack of two weed control products including Dismiss, Dismiss South, Solitare, Echelon or Blindside herbicides from FMC.

"ZOMBIE WEEDS are perennial weeds like yellow nutsedge, green kyllinga, wild violet and ground ivy that  come back from the dead year after year," said Adam Manwarren, FMC brand marketing manager. "Left untreated, one yellow nutsedge tuber can produce 700 new tubers within six months, and purple nutsedge is even more prolific! That’s why we call them ZOMBIE WEEDS."
Herbicides featuring FMC sulfentrazone work underground to stop tubers from germinating, thus reducing future populations of these perennial weeds, according to Manwarren. Research has shown that using straight FMC sulfentrazone minimized the number of viable tubers by 60 percent – and using combination products that include an optimized amount of sulfentrazone (Solitare, Echelon and Blindside) over a two-year period yielded a 75 percent reduction or more.
The ZOMBIE WEED Warrior sweepstakes won’t last long, so act quickly to comment with your ZOMBIE WEED Warrior name on the FMC Turf Facebook page and become eligible to win! For more information, click here or see the FMC Turf Wire blog.