Tillers are definitely worth their weight in good growing environments. Whether hand-held or pulled/pushed by a tractor, tillers can coax grass and plants out of hard, compacted clay, and can help you charm vegetation out of even the most uninhabitable soil.

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The STECAVATOR comes in a standard range, with 41 to 80-inch working widths for 18 to 85 hp tractors, and a heavy-duty range, with 71 to 118-inch widths for 75 to 150 hp tractors. Oil bath gear drive in all models and two blade options with reverse tine technology and stone-burying capability.


The 80 Series Tilrovator features a slip-clutch drive with shear plate protection, fully adjustable rotor, sealed bearings and a choice of L or C blades. It is available in seven models with working lengths from 83 to 241 inches. Variable-length rotors from 16 to 24 inches in diameter.


Power Dog hydraulic-powered tiller models feature variable speed on the go, along with instant forward and reverse capabilities. The user-friendly units are designed to handle tough soil. The dual rotating tines allow the tillers to adapt to various soil conditions.

Land Pride

The RTR20 Series reverse-till rotary tiller comes in 64 and 72-inch models and works with 23 to 40 hp. Mounting to a Category I hitch, the units feature an offset adjustable up to 18 inches, adjustable skid shoes and a  17-inch rotor swing diameter for deep tilling action.


The CT2510 Cultivator-Tiller is powered by a 24.5cc, two-stroke hybrid engine. It offers a vibration-reducing grip, padded lift handle, two-stage air filter and simple thumbscrews.

The gear case churns tines at 250 RPM to dig up to 9 inches deep. The fuel tank has a 20-fluid-ounce capacity.

BCS America

The Rear Tine Tiller comes in 18, 20, 26, 30 and 33-inch models and features a center-mounted planar wedge, tines with chopping action and adjustable handle.


The 50-inch ATV tiller is designed to handle any type of soil and is equipped with its own motor and universal mounting.


The Farm King is available in three model ranges with widths from 36 to 77 inches. Skid shoes and an automatic chain tightener are standard on all models.


The EDGE Roto Tiller for skid steers features bidirectional shaft rotation, direct-drive hydraulic motor and replaceable tines that cut up to 6 inches deep.


RT Series rotary tillers come in 52 and 59-inch low-flow models and 52, 59, 66 and 73-inch high-flow models. One-piece welded construction.


The HT41 is a hydraulic, 41-inch model that quickly connects to couplers. The direction of the replaceable tines can be reversed by pulling the PTO lever in reverse.


The TC-210 Tiller/Cultivator has a 21.2cc Power Boost Vortex engine, four 10-tooth tines, electronic ignition, purge pump carburetor and water-resistant stop switch.


The FRC800 offers 12-inch tines, GX Series four-stroke engine, chain drive transmission, four-position handle adjustment and clutch disengagement lever.

Kunz Engineering

The Till-Ease Model 543 is equipped with rigid shanks to penetrate hard ground and works with ATVs, utility vehicles and subcompact tractors.


The Merry Tiller has a midtine design, separate drive transmissions for the wheels and tines, two tilling speeds and various engine options.


Mantis tiller/cultivators come in three models and offer patented serpentine tines that spin at 240 RPM and till up to 10 inches deep. Made for all types of soil.

Northwest Tillers

Northwest tillers have a reverse drive rotor and blades to maximize mulching, which eliminates clods. Dual belt drive system drives two heavy-duty gearboxes.

Reist Industries

The Landscaper functions as a PTO tiller, ripper, seeder, box grader, rake/harrow and clod breaker. A grooming brush is optional.

RotaDairon Emrex

The RotaDairon Turf Magician thoroughly pulverizes the soil while burying sod, stone and debris, all in a single pass.


The Flash comes in three sizes and features reverse rotation, central gear transmission, lateral skids for depth adjustments and PTO with clutch.

Venture Products

The Ventrac KL480 has 24 carbon tines, stand for storage, Minute Mount System, adjustable skid shoes, leveler shield and intermediate gear reduction.

Weed Badger

The Weed Badger 4400 mounts on tractors from 18 to 30 hp and can be purchased as a tiller, mower-only or combination tiller/mower.