Time For A Landscape Business Consultant?

A dozen consultants on how they help landscape companies reach new levels of success.

LawnLine Marketing, landscape business consultant
(Photo: LawnLine Marketing)

LawnLine Marketing

Tampa, FL
Founded 2016

Group Consultant: We’re a company with 30+ employees.

Specialties: Internet marketing – Website development, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, social-media management, email/SMS marketing, review building and lead tracking systems. We also offer a recruiting service where we help lawn/landscape companies find the employees they need to grow their business.

Typical Client: Established lawn care and landscaping companies with a minimum of $1M in annual revenue. Our average client is doing about $7M in revenue.

Method(s) Of Consulting: We do one-on-one virtual/phone consultations and strategic planning. Then, we execute our marketing services to help them reach their goals. We also host webinars and often speak at industry conferences and events.

What Clients Can Expect: Our clients can expect significant increases in revenue from our marketing services. Our services are completely done for them. We handle the market research, strategy planning, execution, lead tracking, and data analysis. We offer a completely transparent solution that enables lawn/ landscape companies to know exactly where their marketing dollars are being spent, what strategies are performing the best, and what adjustments we need to make. With our vast amount of data from lawn/landscape companies all over the U.S. and Canada, we also help them to understand their closing rates and identify problems in their sales processes.

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