Time For A Landscape Business Consultant?

A dozen consultants on how they help landscape companies reach new levels of success.


Envisor Consulting, landscape business consultant

Envisor Consulting

Atlanta, GA (partner consultants in VA, FL)
Founded 2011

Group Consultant: Two principals (Ken Thomas, Ben Gandy) and five consultant partners (Steve Bruce, Tim McColgan, Brian Shelah, Steve Krumnaker, Jessica Artt).

Specialties: Helping landscape companies understand the value of building a mature organization that can scale to its full potential.

Typical Client: Companies from $3M to $450M in annual revenues. Our typical small clients are companies with revenues between $3M and $15M who are still struggling with top-line growth, profitability, or quality of life – or sometimes all three. Contact is typically with the owner and top leadership. We work with owners in vision casting, strategic planning, structure development, and workflow documentation.

In larger companies, we work to train second-tier leaders in the basics of smart business practices and management development. Our typical larger clients are companies over the $25M range who need outside training and mentoring for next-tier leaders. We work all over the U.S. and Canada.

Method(s) Of Consulting: One-on-one consulting with companies (engagements from 12 to 24 months); group training; online training with Envisor Academy; national seminars; and organizational presentations. We have been nationally recognized for our Account Manager Training Seminars and education programs.

What Clients Can Expect: Our clients expect solutions to their growth and profitability issues or problems. They count on our team to bring our proven training and mentoring programs to the table, and many owners are looking for true partners to help them navigate the complexities of scaling and growing their businesses.

Envisor’s differentiator is our Green Dot Operating System, developed from our 30+ years of owning and operating successful landscape organizations, and our experience working with hundreds of landscape companies across the country. Green Dot is a set of best practices, combining business philosophy, systems, processes, information systems, and KPIs that work together to form a foundation of success.

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